Monday, 7 November 2016

Mango lassi

An Indian summer and British Indian restaurant staple, mango lassi manages to double up as a classic cooler for hot, humid days and a rich and sweet accompaniment to a spicy, hearty meal in the winter. It is really easy to make and there are many variations, such as pistachio, instead of mango and savoury versions with salt and toasted cumin. I made a large jug of this that made around 10 small glasses. You can switch up or dial down the ingredients according to taste, so add some more sugar if you like it sweet, more yoghurt if you want a thick milkshake texture. For the mango, if they're in season, there is nothing better than ripe, sweet, Alfonso mangoes which you can reduce to a puree in a food processor. I however usedKesarr mango pulp that you can just buy tinned if you also want to save on the mess of peeling and chopping fresh mango.

Mango lassi 

Ingredients (makes around 10 small glasses):
500g mango pulp

500g full fat natural yoghurt 
300ml full fat mil
10 cardamom pods
2 tbsp caster sugar (or to taste)
ice cubes


1. Break the cardamom pods, discard the outer shell and crush the seeds in a pestle and mortar
2. Put all of the ingredients in a blender (or a food processor) and blitz until you have the texture and taste that you want 

Serve with the ice and garnish with some mint.

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