Friday, 1 July 2016

Roast Indian spiced chicken and potatoes

thought this recipe may not have been ‘summery’ enough, but, given this has probably been about the `15th consecutive day of rain … i think it’s still relevant. 

Using thighs with the skin on makes this dish a lot more succulent and I think the spices come through much better too. I would be a bit careful with the use of spices in this and feel free to dial it down - using a two different spice combinations for the chicken and the potatoes can be a bit overwhelming for some and you might want to use some trial and error and dial it up or down for your tastes. I also added paneer to the potatoes but you could leave this step out or perhaps replace it with a vegetable if you prefer such as aubergine.

Roast Indian spieced chicken and potatoes

Ingredients (serves 3-4) 

6 chicken thighs, skin on
for the marinade
3 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground turmeric 
half tsp salt 
1 tsp chilli powder
juice from half a lemon

for the potatoes: 
500g new potatoes, chopped into chunks
olive or vegetable oil - or butter if you're feeling indulgent
1 tbsp mustard seeds 
red onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 tsp ground turmeric 
half tsp cayenne
half tsp paprika
two large tomatoes chopped
some cubes of paneer (optional) 
generous bunch of coriander, chopped

some yoghurt to top off


1. Mix the marinade ingredients together and cover the chicken thighs with it. Try to marinate for at least 6 hours if you can, an hour at least. These would be great marinating overnight in the fridge 
2. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees.
3. Place the thighs in a large baking tray - something like a casserole dish that's not really deep would be good to catch the juices.
4. Bake for around 30 minutes but do check the chicken is cooked through. 
5. whilse the chicken is roasting, par boil the potatoes in some salted water for around 5-10 minutes, until they're almost cooked but still firm.
6. Drain thoroughly and set to one side.
7. Heat your oil or butter in a large man on a medium heat 
add the mustard seeds.Once the start to 'pop' add the garlic and cook until lightly browned.
8. Put the heat down and add the spices and fry gently for 2-3 minutes.
9. Add the potatoes and tomatoes and cover with the spices - add the paneer now too if you're using it. 
10. Cover and cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
11. Serve the chicken on a bed of the potatoes top with coriander and yoghurt.

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